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YO DX HF Contest - 2022

   The final results of this year’s YO DX HF Contest were just published. See them at: Results 2022 .

   After coming in fourth place in the last year’s edition, in the Single operator, all bands, low power, mixed I decided to change category and I am very glad and proud to have come second in the Single operator, all bands, SSB category. Congratulations to YO3VZ who topped this category by far!

   Of course, volens nolens, this is, traditionally, more of a CW contest and this is confirmed by the big number of CW only and Mixed entries, as you can see in the table below. But it was a surprise for me to see more YO stations entering the SSB only category than the CW only category.

   Speaking of CW only, my good old friend Adam – YO8BIG, from the same QTH, came second operating YR8I not very far behind YO4NF. Good work for both of them!

   See you all in the next edition! 
   73 de Sorin – YO8PS