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YO8PS With Walter - DJ0FX and his wife
With DJ0FX

Walter Brenner - a great man with a great story

   At 84, Walter is such a vivid person and with such a great life story that he enlightened my day and was my main inspiration which I got from Friedrichshafen . Together with his Japanese wife, they irradiate kindness and wisdom and a great peace of mind.

   Born in Austria in 1939, he got to live and work around the globe, through worse and better times, with kind or awful people, on the land, on the sea and in the air. The Ham Radio virus infected him from his very young years and brought him to have now 31 different callsigns from all over the world.

   It was fascinating to listen to his life story but it was too pity that he approached us only very late in our last evening in the city. We took advantage of meeting him again next morning at breakfast but it was, again, very short as we needed to head for the railway station.

   I won’t repeat here what he told me as it was just a glimpse of his life and as the way he tells the story is unique. But I have begged him to put everything in writing so his story remains as a wonderful inspiration for us all.

   If you have the chance to meet him, ask him about how it feels to be a citizen of the planetary village whilst doing ham radio. He knows it best.

   Thank you Walter!

   73s and GL de Sorin