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RSGB FT4 Contest - 2023

   Compared to last year, this year I’ve stepped up and came second.
   It was nice again but, sometimes, with difficult moments. I’ve missed an event but Steve – PJ4DX did the same so we can compare our results and, again, he was the best one. Maybe because he has the help of Eva.
   Anyway, Congratulations Steve & Eva!

   With the new rules for 2024 I don’t know if I’ll enroll again in this competition. Not because it became more complicated to manage but because, with the higher bands available, Steve will be even better.

   I’m considering the participation in the OPEN category but I still have to improve my setup to be able to fully benefit from the liberties of that category. And there I’ll meet my friend Dennis – W1UE who did a great job this year, even from Honduras.

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