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RSGB FT4 Contest 2021

   Today I’ve received the results of the penultimate event of the RSGB FT4 Contest 2021 held on October 18th.

   I am glad that this is the first round that I won but this changed nothing in the rankings of my section: ”10W output power Non-UK&CD” , just consolidate my third position in the general ranking.

   The 9th and last round on November 29th can’t change too much: HB9CZF can step down from the top if he will continue to not show up but the only one being able to overpass him is PC2F who is very capable to do this.

   As for me, nobody can step ahead as the following competitor on the list (DH1OL) is at 1650 points behind but neither I have real chances to go on the second place as this will imply again a very good result for me and the absence of PC2F.

   As a conclusion, I already know that I will finish third but, for me, this is a really great result, nevertheless.

   Thank you RSGB for gathering us in such a nice competition!

   73 de Sorin