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RSGB FT4 – 2023 Contest 4/9

You cannot have all you want. That’s for sure in each and every way. And you all know this very well.

My last example for this is the 4th event of this year’s RSGB FT4 Contest. Sad, but true, I was not able to participate.

But ….. the reason for this was a happy one: I happened to be in Dayton, Ohio for the 2023 Hamvention. At the time of the contest I was actually flying from New York to Copenhagen on my way back.

And, on top of that, I had the pleasure to meet Dennis W1UE who gave me some precious insights on my struggle to overpass Steve PJ4DX who is in a totally other league than the rest of us.

Missing this 4th event, left me on the same 2nd place but much further behind Steve and with Marc OQ4U very close on my footsteps.

Next event, on June 26th, will also be challenging to attend. Why? Because on that day I’ll be flying back from Friedrichshafen . Hopefully, the 2 hours that I have from landing to the start of the contest, will be enough to reach home and fire up the rig.

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