YO DX HF Contest 2022

YO DX HF Contest – 2022    The final results of this year’s YO DX HF Contest were just published. See them at: Results 2022 .    After coming in fourth place in the last year’s edition, in the Single operator, all bands, low power, mixed I decided to change category and I am very…

YO DX Club

Proud member of YODX Club Starting September 3rd, 2022 I am member of the prestigious DXers Club:  YODX Club I met the conditions long time ago and not only with my present callsign YO8PS but also, separately, with my former callsign YO8RTR. But only now I pushed myself to get everything together and apply. Thanks…

My new Hexbeam Antenna

My new Hexbeam Antenna Finally she went up, at 50ft! With the big help of YO8CT and YO8DHA. Thanks a lot to them and to Hexbeam sp6cyn Technology for a well designed and executed antenna. You can see them below, proud of what we have accopmplished.             73 de YO8PS

RSGB FT4 Contest 2021 – Final

The final results are here    As forecasted after the previous event, I finished third in this nice contest. PC2F fought well and kept his second place. Congrats to everybody and see you next year!    P.S. As now the competition is over, I may disclose to you the secret of winning the last two…

CQWPX – SSB – 2021

Normal expected results Contest: CQWPX – SSB – 2021 Score: 678,970 points Category: Single Operator Low Power All Bands   Romania Europe World Rank* 2 43 64 Category: TRIBANDER/SINGLE-ELEMENT – Low Power ALL Bands   Romania Europe World Rank* 1 9 15

RSGB FT4 Contest 2021

RSGB FT4 Contest 2021    Today I’ve received the results of the penultimate event of the RSGB FT4 Contest 2021 held on October 18th.    I am glad that this is the first round that I won but this changed nothing in the rankings of my section: ”10W output power Non-UK&CD” , just consolidate my…

Who says CW is dying?

Who says CW is dying? I was never a CW enthusiastic (or a skilled CWer). But, gathering enough determination I entered the 2020 CQ WW DX – CW contest. With my skills which I would describe ”rusty” at best, I was expecting nothing in terms of ranking. But …  This makes me think of a…

CQ WW 2020

Quite unexpected Considering the Quad loop cvasi-horizontal antenna mounted under the atic and the maximum 70W that I was able to load into it without resetting my computer placed 10 ft directly under, I would say that this result is unexpected.  This gives me enough determination to prepare a better set-up for the next edition.…

A25RU Botswana

This weekend we should turn our antennas to southern Africa A25RU Team will be active from Botswana, 14 – 26 March 2021.Team members – Russian DX Pedition Team, R7AL, UI8J, R9LR, RU3UR.They will operate on 160 – 10m, CW, SSB, FT8, QO-100 CW.QSL via ClubLog OQRS strictly preferable, maybe LOTW.QTH – Near Gaborone.

Worth visiting for sure !

The wonderful ”Palatul Culturii” (The Culture Palace) in my QTH which hosted some of our presentations of HAM operation to the youngsters.