Worth visiting for sure !

The wonderful ”Palatul Culturii” (The Culture Palace) in my QTH which hosted some of our presentations of HAM operation to the youngsters.

From Russia with Love

A few square meters of plain field is all you need … And just a little pinch of madness … CONGRATULATIONS!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdHDChROc8s

Hello EU-DX!

All European Union contesters will experience the fun of being a ‘Multiplier’ in a worldwide contest.


Proud to be a member of this special Team

Friedrichshafen here I come

I am very eager to reach southern Germany for the annual Ham Convention in Friedrichshafen. I’ll be traveling by car with YO8OY and YO8CGH who have more experience in dealing with the accommodation in the…

CQ WW 2014 SSB

SOAB-HP is not such an easy category to compete.